Venus Lens Cap's Biography

Venus Lens Cap is the CT-based musical duet of Gomez Richardson and Stacey Mendyka.  Before Venus Lens Cap, Gomez performed a solo acoustic act. Using his programming skills, he incorporated a notebook computer named Connie into the act, which generated backing tracks and was mixed into the guitar and vocals.  He eventually built a complete recording studio to create those tracks.  Stacey Mendyka is a graduate of Roger Williams University where she studied theater and music.  At a chance encounter, Gomez heard her sing and asked if she would like to team up with him.  The pair formed Perl Lake in 2011 and produced one CD, "Follow Me Down".  They decided to make more theatrical, dynamic music aimed directly at the Steampunk audience and Venus Lens Cap was born. Their signature sound blends melodies of the classics with the beats and sounds of synthetic music.  Their debut CD, "Spies of the Silk Trade", tells the tale of a young commercial spy and her adventures on the legendary Silk Road. Each song on the CD follows the chapters of D.R. Clarke's novel of the same name through music and singing.  A new novel and CD combination about a radium-powered clockwork ballerina named "Dela Luna" was completed and released in September 2016. Their next project, "Pacifica", about a lost underwater civilization, is underway with a 2018 release.

Venus Lens Cap has been performing throughout New England for the past 3 years. In addition to Steampunk music, the pair also performs an acoustic set including covers and original music - perfect for an intimate venue or setting.

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